In this Festival, you will see the kitchen of the technical team, where pastry and kitchen chefs will show their skills in the construction of chocolate sculptures. Whether in live demonstrations or in sharing their knowledge of this product, a wide range of specialists offers courses for professionals and the general public.

Chef Abner
Head of the artistic residency for the fourth consecutive year and that will result in this year’s chocolate sculptures. He is the Executive Director of Cpac Brazil (Brazilian Bakers and Pastry Club) and Champion of the 2015 Pastry World Cup, in the Chocolate category, Brazil stage. Passionate about the art of confectionery and chocolate, he always seeks to expand his knowledge, with new techniques, the harmonization of textures and flavors, as well as innovative concepts.

Chef Jorge Cardoso
Portuguese pastry chef residing in Switzerland who won the world culinary competition in Luxembourg, in 2018, in the chocolate category. Jorge Cardoso has worked with one of the best chocolate masters David Pasquiet and currently works as Chef / Master Chocolatier at Pastelaria Chocolataria Suard, in Friborg-Switzerland.

Chocolatier Master Justo Almendrote
Master Pastry Chef, he is a Member of the Spanish gastronomic selection and Gastronomic Ambassador of the community of Madrid, as well as Technical Advisor in Pastry. For 10 years, he was Full-time Professor at the Higher School of Professional Training and Pastry of the Community of Madrid, with more than 9 thousand hours of pastry lessons (cakes, candies, mousses, and semi-cold, dry cakes, puff pastry and caramel). He was the creator of the commemorative pie of the Bicentennial of the 2nd May and for 10 years the creator of the San Juan Pie for His Majesty King Juan Carlos I, of Spain.

Chef Paulo Santos
Official Pastry Chef since 1980, having passed through Germany where he was Production Manager. In Leiria, between 1992 and 1996, he worked as a Master of Manufacturing. He was a trainer at CFPSA-Pontinha for 8 years. Since 2008, he has been a Trainer / Consultant in Pastry Management and Production at the Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Oeste. Since 2013, he owns the «Forno do Beco» bakery in Caldas da Rainha.

Chef Natália Marinho
Natália Marinho has always shown a great passion for sweets and cakes. In 2014, she took several specialization courses with leading professionals. In 2015, she also took courses in chocolate sculpture and advanced confectionery with great chefs.
In 2016, she started to participate in the International Chocolate Festivals, where she organized workshops for children and helped with the creation of chocolate sculptures. In 2017, she participated for the first time in the International Chocolate Festival of Óbidos (Portugal). In 2020 she joined the technical team and the Chefs for the fourth consecutive year, who in artistic residency, will create the chocolate sculptures under the theme The Mad Twenties. Confectionery is her great passion and everything she does is done with a lot of love and dedication.

Chef Luís Faustino
Chef Wilson Silva


Cerca do Castelo

Óbidos, Portugal

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